Thank you for the Sept. 17 op-ed by Todd Zwillich, “Clinton’s ‘deplorables’ remark only helps her.” As a strong supporter of Donald Trump, it made me smile to see this contortionist reasoning to turn a disaster into a fake triumph.

The writer didn’t compare the views of Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters, because he was afraid to show that in large part, the supporters of either side are concerned with the same issues. For example, who could deny that our prisons are filled to capacity with persons of color?

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What the writer should have focused on are the reasons for this. Maybe more jobs would make it less necessary for poor people to turn to crime to feed their families. Maybe undoing Bill Clinton’s incarceration laws would free a large percentage of those in prisons today.

Who could deny that Muslim extremists are savagely committing mass killings around the world? When, not if, they obtain nuclear materials and use them in our major metropolitan areas, then you will see this dangerous political correctness go away.

Tom Colangelo, Dix Hills