Columnist Cathy Young does an impressive job of spinning Carly Fiorina's fabrications at the Sept. 16 GOP debate ["Nitpicking clouds truths in fetus video," Opinion, Sept. 22]. Young acknowledges part of the truth while denying the other more salient part.

Fiorina claimed that she had seen footage of a live, kicking baby in one of the heavily edited, deliberately misleading videos about Planned Parenthood, and she continued to insist that she had seen it even after Chris Wallace of Fox News pointed out to her that no such footage exists.

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Young tried to excuse Fiorina's dishonesty by describing a section of video that she admits is not part of the hidden-camera recordings, "and apparently was not shot inside a Planned Parenthood clinic." Young then tells us that Fiorina "misstated what the video shows -- possibly as a sincere mistake -- but did not make it up from whole cloth."

This is not the first time that Young, a moderate conservative, has tried to frame false statements by other conservatives by suggesting that both sides are equally guilty of distorting the truth.

The truth is that, for whatever reason, Fiorina made a false statement on national TV and now refuses to admit it.

Richard Schloss, East Northport