I am an animal lover, so the passion felt by those who tried to save Minnie the cow was easy for me to understand [“More protests to save cow’s life,” News, April 11].

Through her countless interactions with the public since arriving at Benner’s Farm in East Setauket as a calf, Minnie became dear to so many because of her sweet personality. The farm’s Instagram followers were even encouraged to celebrate her second birthday.

At its core, I believe this is why Minnie became a news story. Her supporters acted on empathy born from these interactions.

I respect the Benners’ right to farm, and no one has the right to force personal beliefs or opinions on others. However, I do hope that Benner’s Farm reconsidered Minnie’s fate and allowed her to be taken to a sanctuary.

The coverage this story received should make it clear to all visitors to the farm that the animals living on Benner’s Farm are there for the purpose of consumption. If the thought of the animals you meet there eventually going to slaughter is disturbing, then visit a farm sanctuary where they will not be.

JoAnn Winkhart


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Benner’s Farm has been around for decades. The family provides food, educational programs, holiday activities and much more for our community. I went there as a child, and I now take my two young boys there.

My boys have had field trips to learn about life on a working farm, and they loved the experience. It’s not a petting zoo. While you can meet the animals, and their babies in the spring, it’s still a farm.

The Benners are always honest when asked about their animals, and the fact that they will one day be feeding their family. Farm to table, that’s how they live. They have every right to do with their cow as they see fit.

I understand that some people don’t eat meat, or eat meat but only want it to come in a neat little package from the grocery store. It’s the Benners’ right to use their cow to feed their family.

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Leslie Dahl

East Setauket