Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto, town board members, the comptroller and existing town advisers should not serve on a task force to determine the extent to which the decisions of our representatives contributed to the town’s financial mess [“Familiar names on task force,” News, April 29].

An impartial, apolitical committee is better suited to recommend how to improve Oyster Bay’s financial condition. After the report is delivered, Venditto and the town board should be responsible for using the report, along with public input, to improve Oyster Bay’s finances.

Allan Stern, Glen Head


Town Supervisor John Venditto said he was embarrassed about Oyster Bay’s dismal financial position [“Venditto on bond embarrassment,” News column, May 1]. The column stated that the town is very wealthy. Here lies the problem.

Town officials’ real thought process is that no matter what kind of blunders leaders make, the town’s people will bail them out. So what if taxes have to be raised?

Guess what? Some of us are struggling. We cannot afford any more blunders. Start running a tight ship. Get rid of the waste.

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Bob Haber, Syosset