I am one of the people riding with the Crankin’ Old Men group pictured with the Sept. 6 letter “Cyclists add their own traffic dangers.”

There appears to be a segment of Long Islanders that opposes cyclists, considers them a nuisance and wants them off the road. These include the governments of some towns and villages.

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The major bicycle clubs are dedicated to educating riders to ride properly, to operate as a vehicle would in traffic. The clubs promote safety and contribute to their communities, especially by teaching children about cycling skills and the rules of the road.

To survive in the traffic, riders must obey the traffic laws. Any experienced rider will tell you that. Of course, some riders disobey laws, as do many drivers.

As an 81-year-old cyclist who has amassed more than 170,000 miles, I have a passion for this topic.

Jay Bender, Dix Hills