I travel more than 500 miles in a given day. Almost every 10 miles, I see either makeshift memorials, violent skid marks off the road, damaged guardrails, torn-up landscape, damaged trees or debris from crashed vehicles ["Driver sought in pedestrian's death," News, Dec. 30]. I read all the time of car and truck crashes in Newsday.

Cellphone companies are not doing enough to address the issue of distracted driving. Our police are not doing enough.

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I have many times avoided head-on collisions from oncoming vehicles and often avoid cars entering my lane alongside of me. Many friends, neighbors and loved ones have become victims of this crash epidemic.

I walk for exercise in my neighborhood and have had neighbors almost strike me with their cars because of distraction from the use of a cellphones. My car parked in front of my home was destroyed by a distracted driver recently.

It is time the government stepped in to require that cellphone companies offer a technology that disables a phone while a vehicle is moving. If people elect to turn off the restraint while driving, they should be charged a higher insurance premium.

Greg Keane, South Setauket