Letter: Don't bring in foreign workers

Caitriona Quinn works at the front desk at Caitriona Quinn works at the front desk at Gurney's Inn Resort & Spa. She says she has paid for college with her seasonal jobs there. (June 11, 2009) Photo Credit: Doug Kuntz

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The Long Island Association would be better served to encourage young people who have grown up on Long Island to remain after school ["Push for visas," News, Feb. 25]. What makes the LIA so confident that "highly skilled" and "educated" foreign-born individuals would be able to afford the cost of living on Long Island any better?

Rather, the LIA should partner with local business leaders to find ways to supplement kids who stay on Long Island. Grabbing people from other countries to work will only add adverse pressure to our economy.

Bruce S. Chalnick, East Meadow

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