I find it fascinating, the massive media time allotted to the topic of Bruce Jenner and his transformation to something other than a man ["Give factual answers about Jenner's gender transition," exploreLI, June 10].

Among the words used are heroic, courageous, historic.

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This is a man with a family and a once-great athlete who adorned the box of Wheaties. He now claims he's a woman -- and the media and public say this is courage?

What is so disturbing is that a true hero, Navy SEAL Chris Kyle of "American Sniper" fame, was deemed a coward by filmmaker Michael Moore.

We should be ashamed as a nation to admire someone like Jenner. He has done nothing but destroy his image and history. One may do what one wants within the law, but let's not use the term "hero" to describe these actions.

Lawrence Harkavy, Saint James