Letter: Don't close breach off Fire Island

The breach on Fire Island caused by superstorm The breach on Fire Island caused by superstorm Sandy is seen looking north. (March 9, 2013) Photo Credit: Doug Kuntz

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"Lessons from the breach" ["Feds study Fire Island breach created by Sandy," News, July 1] should provide a teachable moment. There has been no significant rise in tides from this breach. The quality of this section of the bay has increased tremendously with more fish, birds and other marine life visible than in many years.

The only complaining seems to be coming from residents who live on the bay. Those homes should never have been built in the first place. The bay marshes that were altered to build those houses act like Mother Nature's sponges to soak up seawater during flood tides. Leave the breach open.

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John B. Caruso, East Patchogue

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