Matrimony, and what will they stop next ["License to wed for all," News, Sept. 5]? Officials put a county clerk, Kim Davis, in jail because she refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. I don't know for sure whether she belonged behind bars. She didn't injure anyone.

The only thing she did was refuse to do part of the job to which she was elected. That is, to issue marriage licenses to everyone eligible to receive one. Maybe she should have lost her position. No one minds that she is Christian. She is entitled to religious freedom.

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On the other hand, her choice of religion doesn't give her the prerogative of telling others how to live their lives. I've heard some people compare her to Martin Luther King Jr., but there is no comparison.

King was willing to go to jail to achieve his dream of equality for blacks. Davis doesn't stand for equality.

Julie L. Newman, West Babylon