I congratulate the entrepreneurial successes of Swirls and Twirls and other frozen yogurt establishments, as reported in "LI-based frozen yogurt chain swirling in" [Business, Aug. 12]. Their tasty treats generate jobs and contribute to the economy. While I enjoy self-serve frozen yogurt shops, I am often shocked by the container options, ranging from large to largest. The belief that frozen yogurt is a healthy snack coupled with the oversized self-serve cups can tempt anyone to overindulge.

The prevailing public health problems related to overeating, overweight and obesity, not to mention sky-rocketing medical costs associated with these issues, give us reason to examine our behaviors and eating environments. Portion control can help prevent weight gain and reduce the risks of developing heart disease, obesity and type-2 diabetes.

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Efforts to educate the public about ingredients, calories and portion size are underway. However, the social norms that surround the booming food and beverage culture make it extremely difficult to refrain, and they contradict some of the broader public health messages.

Karyn C. Kirschbaum, Wheatley Heights

Editor's note: The writer is a health policy coordinator for the public school system on Long Island.