In the three years I have run my deli, Diana's Deli in Brentwood, business has never been as tough as it is now. Since superstorm Sandy, business has slowed severely. Customers are not coming in to make purchases as often as before the storm. To make matters worse, like many of our neighbors, we lost power for days after the storm. We lost a lot of our inventory and had to throw away all of the perishable items because they had spoiled. That really hurt our business.

As a recent letter mentioned, food stamps from the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition ProgramD-SNAP could help families and small businesses recover what we lost from the storm and get back to business ["Food stamps as stimulus," Jan. 6].

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The federal money is there, waiting for Suffolk and Nassau counties to request it. What's the holdup?

Jorge Membreno, Brentwood