The news story "Murder charge for a cop" [April 8] has a very inflammatory passage. The article states that a video appeared to show North Charleston, South Carolina, Officer Michael Slager, "who is white, shoot at [Walter Lamar] Scott while the black man was running away from a traffic stop." Later it states this is "following similar police killings of unarmed men last year in New York, Cleveland and Ferguson, Missouri."

How is it similar? In Ferguson, Brown attacked an officer. In New York, Eric Garner resisted arrest. In Cleveland, the boy had a toy gun not properly marked.

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If readers are unaware of the facts, your story could lead them to the conclusion that all these cases had white cops shooting blacks as they ran away. This is not fair to the police, who risk their lives everyday, or to the public, which needs facts to make sound judgments.

Gregg Freedner, Ronkonkoma