Fiat Chrysler could face record expenses to get potentially defective Ram pickups and older Jeeps off the road, because the company mishandled many rounds of recalls ["Fiat Chrysler settlement includes vehicle buyback," News, July 28].

Following my comical experience with the Jeep Grand Cherokee gas tank recall, I applaud the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's requirement that Fiat Chrysler buy back some vehicles.

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I have a 1996 Grand Cherokee. The recall provides that Chrysler will install a trailer hitch to protect the fuel tank. I waited four months for parts, then when the dealer removed the chassis bolts, one snapped.

The dealer told me drilling it out would take two hours at a cost of about $250 with tax. Seriously, these chassis bolts are under a nearly 20-year-old, off-road vehicle that has seen salt and sand. Are they really expected to just spin right out of the vehicle? I refused to pay. The dealer refused to do the work.

Now I have no recall repair, and ironically, one of the bolts that holds the gas tank's protective skid plate is gone!

William Spitz, Setauket