One reason for the abysmally low voter turn-out for the June 28 congressional primary was that New York has three separate primaries in 2016 [“Primary importance,” News, July 6]. Multiple primaries create a burden for voters and are expensive. We need a single primary day.

Turnout is also limited because our closed primary system allows only those enrolled in a party to vote in that party’s primary.

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Further, a voter can register for a party only before the previous November election — even a voter who had previously chosen no party at all.

New York’s archaic election laws further discourage voting by not allowing for “no excuse” absentee voting or early voting, and by not having same-day registration.

Our government needs to make it easier for voters to choose their representatives.

Judie Gorenstein, Melville

Editor’s note: The writer is voter service chair of the League of Women Voters New York.