On Lane Filler’s column “What free air? Don’t waste your breath” [Opinion, March 30], I completely agree with the Town of Hempstead that it should be illegal for service stations to charge for air. Stations should give free air for tire safety.

It’s very wrong to charge for it. I believe the town’s ordinance should also take into consideration that tires might be dangerous, with low tread, and demand that gas stations give away free tires. It’s only fair and a real safety issue.

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Further, it’s well-known that when car brakes fail, accidents happen, and so it’s wrong for stations to charge for repairing brakes, right?

So, Filler, take that into consideration, and get behind it with me, because I’m also thinking of free gasoline to avoid stalled cars blocking traffic lanes.

Working together we can pass it and call it the “Filler Up” amendment, or possibly the “Lane Free” gasoline safety program.

Mike Jacobs, Wantagh