Every time I think Newsday has gone as far left as possible, the editorial board proves me wrong [“Affordable homes and ugly attitudes,” Editorial, Aug. 24]. Now we are told we should build affordable housing by the water? Where do I sign up for this program?

When my wife, son and I lived in an attic apartment in 1966, I worked a full-time job plus part time on weekends. That came out to 56 hours a week. We looked for houses and saw immediately we were not going to buy anything in Nassau County because of the high prices.

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So we drove all over Suffolk County until we saw a sign advertising new homes starting at $14,990.

We bought the cheapest one. That was our affordable housing. We still live in our affordable house. We’ve been here 48 years.

Why not buy up all the foreclosures on Long Island and give the deeds to people who can’t afford homes?

Bob Southard, South Setauket