Letter: 'Gag order' in Suffolk County

John J. Foley Skilled Nursing Facility in Yaphank. John J. Foley Skilled Nursing Facility in Yaphank. (March 25, 2008) Photo Credit: Newsday/Bill Davis

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I read with disbelief the latest missive issued by a Bellone administration official that is tantamount to a gag order ["Foley communication at issue," News, March 21].

Regulating communication between patients at the John J. Foley Skilled Nursing Facility, and the few elected officials brave enough to stand up for their rights, is deplorable and certainly antithetical to Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone's mantra of transparent government.

If I am not mistaken, all fascist regimes have an element of governmental suppression. It makes one long for the days of the Levy administration.

Craig J. Tortora, Commack

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Editor's note: The writer was a member of the Suffolk Ethics Commission during the Levy administration.

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