Letter: Girl Scouts need greener packaging

Photos of Girl Scouts from Nassau County will

Photos of Girl Scouts from Nassau County will be on the new packaging of Scout cookies, including Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Samoas. (Credit: Handout)

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According to the story "LI girls featured in new Scout cookies design" [News, Oct. 2], pictures of Long Island girls will be on the new Girl Scout cookie boxes sold in this area.

But I'm extremely disappointed in the cookie packaging. Last year the trays inside the cardboard boxes were made of a plastic that was not recyclable. This certainly doesn't follow through with the current Girl Scouts' "Forever Green" campaign.

To quote from the Girl Scouts' website, "Girl Scouts around the world are learning about the effects of waste on our environment, and discovering ways to reduce waste." The cookie packaging would be a good place to start.

Barbara Josepher, Syosset

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