Letter: Give a fair deal to Nassau unions

Nassau County union workers rally outside the site Nassau County union workers rally outside the site of the NIFA meeting at the Marriott Uniondale on March 10, 2014, as NIFA was preparing to vote on wage freeze for county employees. Photo Credit: Newsday / Chuck Fadely, News 12

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In "Inside Nassau labor deals" [News, March 23], writer E.J. McMahon of the free-market Empire Center for New York State Policy states, "If these deals go through it's a win for the unions and a loss for taxpayers."

Our county's services are much needed -- we all benefit from them -- and their unions should be strong. I've read too many horror stories about public union busting, for example, in Wisconsin. I would not want that to happen in our beloved Nassau County or New York State.

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Jeanne Klein, Williston Park

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