Letter: Give DREAMers a chance at aid

Passing the state DREAM Act is not an

Passing the state DREAM Act is not an immigration issue -- it's an education issue. (Credit: Tribune Media Services / Nancy Ohanian)

When I read the article about financial aid for DREAMers, a few things came to mind ["New York can help DREAMers like me," Opinion, April 29]. I am also a high school senior, but I am a citizen. I was denied any state-based financial aid, but was eligible to apply for it.

I think that any student in the United States, especially New York, should be eligible for financial aid. If someone was brought to this country as a child and had no say in the matter, why should they be punished?

If someone is willing to work hard to better our nation, I believe we should support them 100 percent. Financial aid should be given to those who deserve it.

Joey Beyer, Long Beach

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