Apparently because Mayor Reginald Spinello says so, Glen Cove is not among the most fiscally stressed cities in New York ["Fiscal stress on LI," News, Sept. 24]. Contrary to the report from the state comptroller, Spinello assured Newsday, "There is no fiscal stress going on here."

Phew! Spinello said the statistics are skewed because most of the city's income is due at the end of the year. If the taxes and other payments are late and spill into the following year, they can't be credited this year.

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However, there's a problem with this excuse. Wouldn't this be an annual phenomenon with negligible net impact, because some of the prior year's revenue would spill into the current year? Also, why are we to believe this would impact Glen Cove more than other cities with the same tax calendars?

The red flags have been replaced by a blaring klaxon.

Marilyn Cohen, Glen Cove