In "Companies can't survive LI costs" [Letters, March 20], the writer stated erroneously that "Long Island is in decline."

While some industries have changed location, my view is that manufacturing and industry as a whole have been growing because of increased innovation and changes in how business is approached.

The article the writer quoted, "Not your father's Long Island" [Editorial, March 10], was right in that the Long Island landscape has changed -- but the change has been for the better.

The Long Island chapter of the Association for Operations Management the has been working with industry to improve best practices in ways that have improved the bottom line.

I will be graduating in May from Farmingdale State College, where I was introduced to the association. The organization sponsors a Student-Industry Connection to encourage students to stay on Long Island after they graduate.

Our events are geared to graduating students. The companies invited have shown a great deal of enthusiasm and many have reported having banner years, and they can't wait to meet our students.

That is not decline; it is progress, and we are ready to meet the demand.

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Bernita McGoldrick, East Yaphank

Editor's note: The writer is the director of arrangements for the Long Island chapter of the Association for Operations Management.