The article on the presence of illegal firearms in Suffolk County provides the best demonstration of just how unnecessary and useless the pistol microstamping legislation is ["To seize a gun," News, July 9].

The legislation was passed by the State Assembly in June. According to the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence's own figures, only 16 percent of all illegal firearms confiscated in New York City and Long Island originated within the state. A federal review of 299 guns recovered by law enforcement in investigations on Long Island during 2010 found that just 26 percent came from inside New York State.

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The desired purpose of this bill is to discourage or prevent firearms manufacturers from selling pistols in New York State and to drive out New York-based firearms manufacturers. Let us concentrate our efforts on the criminals, and not on lawfully purchased firearms or New York State's law-abiding gun owners.

Laurence C. Dittmer, Levittown

Editor's note: The writer is a certified firearms instructor.