I am unemployed and telling you that more money will not fix the system ["We need new ideas for job creation," Opinion, Feb. 28]. To be truthful, I don't know how to get the money from the government into training for displaced workers. The system is crazy.

I have a friend who would help me get employment with a trucking business. All I would have to do is get my Class A driver's license. He said that unemployment insurance would pay for it. I know that there is a shortage of commercial licensed drivers, and I could always find work as a tractor-trailer driver.

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I found out that my Nassau County Works office would pay only $2,500 of a $6,000 tuition bill. I was told that if I lived in Suffolk County, I would have the entire amount paid. Go figure.

The counselors at the unemployment office are as dedicated and as helpful as anyone could be. The system is broken, and until someone comes in and organizes things so money flows to where it's needed, nothing will change.

Mike Zalackas, Franklin Square