Letter: Huntley must be held accountable

Former State Sen. Shirley Huntley leaves Federal Court

Former State Sen. Shirley Huntley leaves Federal Court in Brooklyn after being sentenced to one year and a day on Thursday in Brooklyn. She had just pleaded guilty to embezzling money. (May 9, 2013). (Credit: Charles Eckert)

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I read the about the accusations against and conviction of former state Sen. Shirley Huntley ["Jail for politician," News, May 10]. This is corruption and greed personified. I also read the "Support for Huntley" [News, May 10], which ends with her granddaughter's enumeration of the family's hardships. Touching.

However, to all those supporters, I say that everyone, no matter how much good they may have done, must be held accountable for all convicted wrongdoing. She's getting off with a great deal of leniency. Be thankful for that.

Rosemary Fuchs, Hicksville

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