In reply to "Explore an electricity co-op" [Just Sayin', May 2], in Horry County, South Carolina, the schools are all managed by a countywide school district.

If Long Island would only consider the same policy -- create a Nassau County school district and Suffolk County school district -- instead of dozens of tiny school districts, each with a highly paid superintendent sucking the taxpayers' money, our taxes would drop enormously, and more people could afford to live here. Just sayin'.

Phyllis Koch, West Babylon


Tossed cigarette ignited horse trailer


In response to the "Tossing butts is disgusting" [Just Sayin', May 2], tossing cigarette butts from a car punishable by a fine. I recall that a fire that killed several horses on I-95 in North Carolina was caused by a carelessly tossed cigarette butt [" 'My knees just buckled': Trainer shocked when told of horse's death in fire," Sports, April 20, 2011].

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Patricia Tralli, Farmingdale