It was indeed encouraging to read Cathy Young's column of June 2 about free speech under siege ["Free speech is losing its 'safe space,' " Opinion].

She cites numerous instances in which those expressing opposing views are viciously badgered, harassed and attacked by the political left, with some of this fostered by college professors. They label those who disagree with same-sex marriage as bigots, and those who find abortion immoral as women haters. They fail to admit the highest form of bigotry belongs to them in their quest to stifle speech.

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The intolerance extends to freedom of religion, also guaranteed by our First Amendment. Thomas Jefferson's famous wall of separation is often aimed at limiting religion rather than discouraging intrusion by government, as was intended by our renowned forefather.

Hopefully, the left will begin to recognize that the other half of this nation deserves tolerance, too.

Walter Ruzek, Mineola