As a retired New York City police detective, it absolutely nauseates me to see, after the cold-blooded killing of yet another NYPD cop, the very same activists and politicians who have made the job of the NYPD harder and more dangerous claiming to be in mourning! ["Officer and a gentleman," News, Oct. 29].

Politicians who have relentlessly attacked the NYPD with their bully pulpit and legislation have no business speaking Det. Randolph Holder's name. Holder is not the first, nor will he be the last, cop allegedly killed by a man who belonged in jail but was released by a judge. His death is a direct product of New York's liberal criminal justice system and the politicians who keep putting liberal judges on the bench.

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I keep hearing liberals and some conservatives claim some drug offenses are nonviolent. They have no idea what they're talking about. I lost track of how many murder victims I saw in my career due to the drug trade, and almost all of these victims were black or Hispanic.

Holder's death did not occur in a vacuum; it's a direct result of a failed liberal ideology that puts the lives of everyone, including cops, on the line.

Anthony Johnson Sr., Brentwood