LIPA court date could force settlement

With a judge’s decision to set a trial date to hear arguments on a tax certiorari case, Long Islanders may finally catch a break on what they now spend for energy [“LIPA tax challenges get a court date,” News, May 24].

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This case involves millions of dollars the Long Island Power Authority is forced to pay in property taxes on obsolete power plants.

The May 2, 2018, court date also forces both sides to realize they have one last chance to negotiate a settlement, because this action finally moves a long-running rhetorical debate over ratepayer fairness into the reality of the courtroom.

As some of the largest ratepayers on Long Island, members of the Association for a Better Long Island would welcome an agreement that economically protects the communities that have been home to these aging plants while ending the practice of virtually all ratepayers contributing millions because of overassessed tax bills.

Kyle Strober,Hauppauge

Editor’s note: The writer is executive director of the Association for a Better Long Island, a developer lobbying organization.