Letter: LIPA is deciding our energy future

Long Island can produce or secure enough renewable Long Island can produce or secure enough renewable energy -- solar, wind, hydropower -- to satisfy the needs of every household in the LIPA territory by 2020, and derive sufficient green energy for nearly all power needs by 2030, according to a new study. These solar cell panels are the roof of a home in Montauk. Photo Credit: Michael E. Ach, 2010

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Right now, the Long Island Power Authority is deciding how it will meet Long Island's future energy needs: invest in clean, renewable energy sources, like offshore windmills, or build more traditional power plants that depend on dirty, expensive, nonrenewable fossil fuels ["Optimism on green energy," Letters, Sept. 11].

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As a concerned resident of Long Island, I urge my neighbors to make their voices heard and advocate for LIPA to invest in clean energy sources. Ultimately, renewable energy would reduce pollution, long-term costs and our country's dependence on volatile fuel supplies from overseas.

Kris Proeschel, Lindenhurst

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