Last week marked 11 years of war in Afghanistan, with plans for our troops to be there another two years ["Afghan commitment backed," News, Oct. 10]. In addition, we plan to pay to leave military advisers and contractors in Afghanistan for an additional 10 years, until 2024, which will be cause for additional enmity and conflict.

More than 2,000 Americans have died, and thousands more have been wounded physically and mentally. Many of our American military were so traumatized that they committed suicide. More than 13,000 Afghans have died as a result of this war since 2007, when the United Nations began keeping statistics; they were mostly civilian men, women and children. We have destroyed the Afghanistan infrastructure and the fabric of their society.

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Let us reflect on this horrendous destruction. Let us resolve to turn to the path of peace and avoid another war.

Eleanor Krebs, Farmingdale