We are very lucky. We have good jobs with benefits. The kids go to college. We have all the material things Long Islanders strive for: a house in a good school district, two cars, cable TV, Internet, satellite radio, smartphones, e-readers. We have some savings, and we take the occasional nice vacation. We enjoy all this on a household income that is far less than $250,000.

Columnist Anne Michaud asserts that Long Islanders cannot afford to pay a few percentage points more in taxes on earnings above $250,000, as proposed by President Barack Obama [" 'High income' isn't as much on Long Island," Opinion, Nov. 29]. That is simply not credible. Sure, expenses are higher here. We also earn more.

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If you earn $260,000, congratulations, you have benefited mightily from everything our country offers. Do you begrudge an extra $300 so that all Americans can have good schools, health care and Social Security?

Daryl Altman

Robert Shepard