Nassau Community College was recently placed on probation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education accrediting agency [“NCC put on probation by accrediting agency,” News, June 29].

I never attended NCC, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling upset about its problems, as a Nassau County resident and county employee interested in its future. It’s especially important for people looking for an affordable and respectable local option for career and education.

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Newsday reported that the college is addressing its shortcomings through a volunteer faculty and staff task force. This idea could be improved upon if students and Nassau residents were part of the conversation.

I urge NCC to go deeper and stronger to address how it will provide a climate that fosters respect among students, faculty, staff and administration; fair and impartial practices in hiring; effective policies and procedures to track and resolve student complaints; and assurance of due process in student discipline.

Hendrick Fayette, Roosevelt

Editor’s note: The writer is a legislative assistant at the Nassau County Legislature.