Letter: Make up school days at BOCES

If the changes that won unanimous Board of If the changes that won unanimous Board of Regents approval Monday, Oct. 20, 2014, win final approval from the Regents in January as scheduled, they would first take effect with teenagers who entered ninth grade in 2011 and are due to graduate in June 2015. Photo Credit: Daniel Brennan

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Regarding "Ski slope quote wasn't in context" [Letters, Nov. 25], I am the parent of three children, two of whom attend public school in Oceanside. The third, who has autism, attends Nassau BOCES.

Oceanside lost 10 days to the storm, while BOCES lost seven.

Before students returned to school on Nov. 13, the superintendent of Oceanside announced that the district was canceling four days of winter break in February and the last day of spring break in April. BOCES has not announced anything.

Many BOCES students have significant learning disabilities and are already academically behind. I urge BOCES administrators to stop dragging their feet and announce that they plan to make up at least five of the days lost to the storm. Actions speak louder than words.

Philip S. Kwait, Oceanside

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