Letter: McCain's thoughtless LI joke

Sen. John McCain speaks at campaign rally at

Sen. John McCain speaks at campaign rally at United High School in Hanoverton, Ohio. (Oct. 31, 2008) (Credit: Getty Images)

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Everyone loves to joke, but there is a time and place for humor [“Big Mac attack,” News, Dec. 1]. I do not believe that time and place is on the Senate floor, debating important issues.

As public servants, senators need to serve Americans with respect and thoughtfulness.
Barbara Cartabuke, Smithtown

So Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) thinks that Long Island is, albeit sometimes regrettably, part of the United States? Maybe he should look at the taxes we Long Islanders pay (some of the highest in this nation) and recognize that many of these sometimes regrettably part of the United States people help to pay the salaries of people like him — sometimes regrettably unearned.

His poor attempt at what he called humor, and his halfhearted apology afterward, sounded more like sour grapes from a presidential wannabe in the last election. He really should grow up and realize that humor at someone else’s expense is really not humor at all, but rather poorly masked animosity.
Elaine Krieger, Baldwin

Leave it to Republicans Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) and Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano to stand up for their fellow party member, Sen. John McCain, before standing up for their constituents here on our beloved Long Island.

When are people going to realize that party is more important to these people than the 99 percent of us?
Robert Shepard, Lynbrook

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