In response to "Too late to save Jericho history" [Letters, Oct. 28], I'm the author of the "Save the Milleridge" petition. The letter belittles our efforts to save a building that dates to the 1600s and played a key role in the Revolutionary War.

Another article in the same edition, "Expressway of broken dreams" [News, Oct. 28], exemplifies why historic preservation and civic activism are so crucial. Engineering leviathan Robert Moses attempted to build a superhighway linking New Jersey with Long Island. Had it been built, this highway would have resulted in the destruction of thousands of historic buildings, displaced hundreds of thousands of people and ripped through the heart of lower Manhattan. Think of this the next time you stroll in Little Italy and shop in SoHo.

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The heart of the hamlet of Jericho was razed to build the Route 106-107 interchange. Today, the Milleridge acts as the replacement heart of Jericho. It hosts key local events and after 350 years still plays an important role in the stories of so many Long Islanders.

We are not trying to "tell" property owner Kimco what to do. We have been working with Nicholas Brown of Kimco to make the organization understand the importance of this building.

James Muller, Merrick