I agree with the letter "Taking money out of politics" [Sept. 11]. While the writer's solution -- shortening campaigns to one or two months -- is worthy of consideration, there is another: a 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This amendment would settle the legality of corporate personhood and the concept that money is speech by reversing the Citizens United decision.

Without such a definitive action, the very existence of our democracy stands in jeopardy. We stand to become a plutocracy, a country in which the wealthy class rules to the exclusion of the masses.

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Many individuals and organizations are working toward overturning Citizens United. Indeed our president has recently expressed his support of an amendment.

Locally, there is a group, Move to Amend/Brookhaven, which is attempting to get the Brookhaven Town Council to support this initiative. I am a member, and I would encourage anyone concerned about the influence of money in elections to get involved.

Vinni Ercole, Port Jefferson Station