My trampoline injury was permanent

In a letter, “An idea to make trampolines safer” [Aug. 29], a writer suggests shortening the legs on a trampoline and hollowing out the ground below to make potential falls less dangerous.

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Fifty-six years ago, I was a varsity football and basketball player, and a trained springboard diver. I broke my neck on a legless trampoline that was constructed over a hole. It was like walking on a ground-level carpet. I never fell off the trampoline; I landed in the center.

I spent two years in the hospital and have used crutches since. I strongly advise all parents to rethink the backyard trampoline as a safe piece of equipment.

In addition, after meeting many dozens of quadriplegics who were injured when diving into water, I believe that diving boards have no place installed over a backyard pool less than 10 feet deep.

Bruce StasiukSetauket