The headline on Newsday's editorial was misleading and misses important points ["NCC failing to make the grade," June 30].

Placing blame doesn't accomplish anything. Everyone in education wants our community college students to succeed. If public schools and community colleges were properly funded, students at all levels would be able to receive the appropriate education. Class sizes have increased. Additional funding would go a long way to reducing the number of students who need remediation.

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As Newsday pointed out, we need to look carefully at the SAT scores that are used at Nassau Community College to identify students who need to take placement exams. By making students take remedial courses they might not need, are we creating an environment where the students feel like they can't succeed and must "use up" their funding?

NCC is committed to identifying and rectifying the causes for the low graduation and transfer rates.

Kathy Weiss, Oyster Bay

Editor's note: The writer is a retired superintendent of Baldwin schools and the vice chair of NCC's Board of Trustees.