A letter writer states that solar panels are a health concern to residents of his community [“Worried about any effect of solar farm,” April 5]. I’ve had solar panels since 2008, and we’ve had no ill effects from their presence. Our electric bills have become extremely affordable, and my family is healthy and happy with them.

I turned 60 this year and will be climbing 1 World Trade Center for charity. If this is the ill effect of solar panels, perhaps more people should consider them.

Brian Smith, Rocky Point


I read the mention of “health effects” of solar farms by people who oppose them [“Worried about any effect of solar farm,” April 5].

What are these effects? Does anyone know, or is this just a method of sowing confusion and uncertainty without facts.

I would not welcome a solar-panel farm next to my home. Maybe these individuals feel this way as well. But, if someone claims health effects, just state what they are and cite the evidence.

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I would like to know.

Philip Dehazya, Westbury