For decades, Republican and Democratic presidents have promised that their free trade agreements were different from every other one that preceded them ["Clinton opposes Obama trade deal," News, Oct. 8]. American workers continue to be put in competition with the lowest-paid workers in the world, with slave labor and with child labor.

The North American Free Trade Agreement was supposed to be a boon for Mexican and U.S. workers, but it failed both. Even with NAFTA, we have an immigration crisis in this country. The loss of American factories stagnated U.S. jobs and wages, leaving us with a labor participation rate at historical lows. This has hurt workers across the economic and educational scale. Today's college graduates will not fare as well as most blue-collar workers of past generations.

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Major consumer, environmental and labor organization opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty. It's only good for multinational corporations, which stash their profits in tax havens.

Joel Herman, Melville