“Toward a plural democracy” by Qanta Ahmed [Opinion, Dec. 13] is deep and profound. We all agree that our values are exemplary and well-envisioned by our founding fathers.

However, I would add that the false wing of Islam consists of a poisonous Islamic State group that doesn’t fit with the rest of the Muslim people. ISIS adherents are rogues who don’t believe people deserve to live if they don’t agree with their philosophy. ISIS is at war with the world.

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We are on the defensive in America. Yes, we are a liberal, secular, democratic society. Our ideals move citizens toward purity and nobility. However, individually, we aren’t perfect humans.

Political candidates should choose their words more carefully so as to not conflagrate sensibilities. Less talk and more thoughtfulness would go a long way during this campaign.

Americans do not hate Muslims, and it’s unfair of Ahmed to say we will dismember democracy by our hatred. ISIS, al-Qaida and Boko Haram are to be hated and eradicated, not Muslims or democracy.

Catherine Finelli, Bellmore