I'm grateful to Pope Francis for his apology and acknowledgment of sexual abuse by church clergy [" 'God weeps,' " News, Sept. 28]. This was so long awaited by many in the church.

I feel that Pope Francis is one of the best men that the church has seen. I am glad he is going to take strong actions to make sure the abuse stops. He restores my faith that the church can be a source of comfort and place of worship for the people.

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Marion Sierra, Bellmore

I want to take this opportunity to thank Newsday for the wonderful coverage of Pope Francis. The insert, "Pope Francis in America" [News, Sept. 28], was the culmination of your many days of complete and noteworthy coverage.

As a Catholic, I'm grateful for such a fine and total synopsis in a local, nondenominational newspaper. You did a yeoman's job!

Mary Kenney, Williston Park