Letter: Pre-storm premium for damaged homes

An aerial shot of Fire Island and a An aerial shot of Fire Island and a look at the destruction caused by superstorm Sandy. (Oct. 31, 2012) Photo Credit: Doug Kuntz

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So much devastation and heartache resulted from superstorm Sandy. Needless to say, dollars are needed to restore infrastructure and our communities. Having said that, I am conflicted about the decision to pay homeowners 100 percent of the pre-storm value for their damaged properties to keep them from rebuilding ["State's home buyouts come to Staten Island," News, Feb. 25].

If flood and homeowners insurance were available, and people made a decision not to purchase coverage, then why should taxpayer dollars be used to make them whole?

At best, they should be paid a post-Sandy value, plus the proposed 5 percent bonus to remain in the area. At what point are individuals responsible for our own choices?

Robert Biancardi, Valley Stream

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