Letter: Repair boardwalk, but do it right

The boardwalk at Lincoln Boulevard in Long Beach, The boardwalk at Lincoln Boulevard in Long Beach, New York. (Nov. 6, 2012) Photo Credit: Howard Schnapp

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Thank you for your article about the plans to demolish and rebuild the boardwalk in Long Beach ["Farewell to a landmark," News, Jan. 6]. As a high school senior who has lived around the block from the boardwalk all my life, I have spent many hours riding my bicycle there.

City officials talk of a better structure that will be able to stand up to wind and flooding, and that will be completed by the summer beach season. I have seen how long it takes to resurface portions of the boardwalk, and from past performance, I cannot see the city accomplishing these goals within five months.

I can only hope that the City of Long Beach does not rush the reconstruction, only to end up with a poor design and structure that do not meet the long-term needs of the community. A summer without a boardwalk would be a small price to pay for a strong structure that holds up to the next storm.

Trevor Young, Long Beach

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