Unduly restrictive law kept me from voting in April 19 primary

I have been a registered voter in New York State since 1975, though I never registered with a political party [“Fix voter laws to ensure rights,” Editorial, April 21].

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I wanted to register with a party and vote in the primary on April 19. I was shocked to discover that to do so I had to have declared a party affiliation by Oct. 9 of last year. This reflects some of the most restrictive voter registration laws in the country!

New York election law provides that the deadline for voters to apply for a change in party enrollment is 25 days before a year’s general election. I wrote to my state assemblyman and senator, but haven’t received responses.

I’m a politically astute voter who was unaware of this disenfranchisement. The law needs to be changed to stop ridiculous barriers to block citizen participation in public affairs.

Ken Norian