Letter: School doesn't trump home

If the changes that won unanimous Board of If the changes that won unanimous Board of Regents approval Monday, Oct. 20, 2014, win final approval from the Regents in January as scheduled, they would first take effect with teenagers who entered ninth grade in 2011 and are due to graduate in June 2015. Photo Credit: Daniel Brennan

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Lane Filler's column "Cameras in the classroom? Sure!" [Opinion, April 24] was right on target. Get a camera on the kids at the kitchen table at homework time, when a caregiver is with them, chatting about the school day successes and challenges, and while they review the work assigned for home. This is where education happens first and leaves a forever fingerprint.

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We have to put school into perspective. The role of teacher is played out, foremost, at home. Parents deserve most of the credit -- good or bad -- when the credits roll.

Joan Nickeson, Terryville

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