Letter: Schools must cut admins' jobs

If the changes that won unanimous Board of If the changes that won unanimous Board of Regents approval Monday, Oct. 20, 2014, win final approval from the Regents in January as scheduled, they would first take effect with teenagers who entered ninth grade in 2011 and are due to graduate in June 2015. Photo Credit: Daniel Brennan

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I'm so frustrated with the school boards. Every year, they propose to cut the school budget by taking away from the children. Never have I seen a proposal that says we'll do away with administrative jobs.

Why do we have so many assistant positions? It seems that every superintendent has three assistants, and each high school has a principal and three assistant principals.

It's difficult to work in the private sector and watch the mismanagement of the districts, all dictated by unions and laws.

Donna Campanelli, Hauppauge

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