Newsday's editorial about the waste facility coming to Yaphank celebrates that food waste from restaurants, hospitals, schools and supermarkets will be turned into energy and compost ["Out of waste comes wonders," Sept. 8].

However, one big group of waste producers, Long Island homeowners, won't be included. My idea is to have removable and disposable waste containers for compost in the home, like we have now for bottles and other recyclables. The difference would be that these containers could be sent to the Yaphank digester as they are, without being emptied.

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Would people buy these? Some would. I suggest the plant owner drop off free containers at each house, as the towns do now with autumn leaf bags. The company might take the view that the more compost waste it receives, the more money it makes.

Now that would make a big difference in our garbage waste problem.

Albert J. Prisco, East Northport